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3 ways to build your online brand with advice videos



If you’re trying to build your online brand, credibility is a pillar to success. Providing consistent value for clients helps establish your position as a trusted expert in the market and keeping in contact with people you’ve already sold to helps fill the pipeline down the road.

Visibility equals credibility
There’s no shortage of things vying for your client’s attention. And when it comes to communicating with prospective and current client’s you want to let them know you have their best interests at heart. No matter what your digital medium for communication, email, social media, or blog posts, it’s important to let your audience know you’re trustworthy.

When including advice videos in your media of choice let the viewer know directly the best way for them to contact you should they need additional information about a listing or their home buying process.

Provide consistent value
With all the media floating around in the world today it can be incredibly difficult to reach your target audience. The problem is no longer about getting content out to people but more so being able to distinguish high quality content from poor quality content. That’s where providing value to your clients makes all the difference. Remember, when searching on the internet people are object oriented and looking for answers to a problem they may be facing or situation that may be giving them some trouble during their home sell or home buying process.

And you as the local market expert are in prime position to provide your expertise and assistance to them. When reaching out to prospective clients via email or social media, share relevant videos to help ail your prospects problems. Advice videos are especially useful at doing so because they answer the most common questions your buyers have about home buying such as: “How To Stage a Home to Sell” or “What is an H.O.A.?”.

Which leads to our last and final point, keeping in contact.

Keeping in contact
What’s more important than a good first impression? A consistently good impression. Sometimes the home-buying process isn’t as straight forward as we’d like it to be. Sometimes it can be time consuming in the search for the property that is the right fit for the client. Perhaps you and the client have gone your separate ways after a successful transaction. In either case making constant contact with your buyer, or seller for that matter, helps to keep the lines of communication open.

Sharing insightful how-to advice videos can be the conversation starter that’s needed to help clarify your client’s needs.

These are just 3 easy steps you can take to help build your online brand and solidify your position as the local real estate in your area. For me tips to help sky-rocket your success in video marketing subscribe to our newsletter.

3 Must Have Videos for Your Real Estate Business


Virtually every business around today has a web presence. Or, put another way, every business that wants to grow and thrive has a website. If it’s important for any business, then it’s vital for real estate professionals. With today’s advancements, your clients can get their first look…even a virtual walk-through…of the homes you’ve listed (and, hopefully, homes you’d like to help them buy).

As helpful as that is, though, there are several essential ingredients that will help your website help you. And, no, one of them is not a mortgage calculator…although that is a great tool to provide your prospective clients!

The magic ingredients are videos, and there are three that are key to helping you gain clients…and sales! The magic of video is that it attracts and holds the interest of your website visitors, and helps you build a rapport that just isn’t the same if they’re only reading your written communications.

There are three videos that are essential to establishing your brand, expertise and qualifications…and at the same time giving the potential client the information they want and need to move forward with you and one or more of the homes you have listed. Those include market videos, listing videos and advice videos.

Market videos give the prospective homebuyer a feel for the area

Market videos give the prospective homebuyer a feel for the area they’re looking to relocate to. Be as comprehensive as possible without getting overly detailed. You want to give them a favorable impression of the community, without lulling them to sleep with statistics. Think of what you would want to know about an area you were looking to move into, and then show them. Are the neighborhoods full of quiet, tree-lined streets?

Are there nice parks nearby? Is there public transportation accessible? Are there shopping opportunities close by? What is the climate like? The more information and “feel” for the community you can convey to your viewer, the better.


There’s a lot of more specific information you can share, but would probably prove to make your market videos too long. Be general if you can, and leave specific information such as tax rates and cost of living to another format. Remember to shoot for around 90 seconds when you shoot your video.

While your marketing videos are more evergreen in nature, your listing videos will be ever-changing. At least hopefully. As you list and sell homes, you’ll add and delete them from your website. This is your first opportunity to show your listings to prospective buyers in a fraction of the time it would take in person.It doesn’t have to be…in fact, isn’t…designed to lead directly to a sale. And rarely will it. Think of your listing videos as movie trailers: show them enough that they’re enticed to come see the whole thing!

Listing videos give buyers a feeling for the home
Where market videos help give your client a feel for their area of interest, listing videos get them acquainted the individual listing.

An effective listing video helps the prospective buyer experience the home by involving more of the senses. There’s an emotional connection that’s made more easily through video than simply reading about the home or even viewing photos.

Be sure to incorporate your branding into your market and listing videos. Done well, these will establish your credibility and experience as an agent…and make the prospective buyer comfortable with you.

Advice videos give your buyers quality answers to common questions
The third type of video that you should include on your website is advice videos. Advice videos offer the prospective buyer high-quality answers to common questions they may have about the process of buying and selling a home, making improvements to the property they already own.

For example, one video can be devoted to providing information for first-time buyers. Another could be geared toward sellers looking to make their home as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Another might give offer tips on planning a move from out of state.

There are lots of possibilities here that can help establish you as an authority on all things real estate.

What video watch rate means for your marketing


It’s all well and good to have video on your website. But if your visitors don’t watch them, or bail half-way through, chances are they won’t be contacting you. Hence, the importance of video watch rate.

Just as you measure the number of website visitors, its important to pay attention to how many…and how much…of your videos are being watched. If viewers are bailing halfway through your listing and community videos, it’s a safe bet they’re not going to follow up by contacting you to see that hot property you just listed. By the same token, if the watch rate is a high percentage, your branding and message are pretty closely targeting your intended audience.

A high video watch rate is also key to creating a memorable impression on your audience.

TubeMogul, an enterprise software platform for digital branding, studied the correlation between video watch rate and brand impact. It found that of viewers who watched an entire ad, 20 percent remembered the brand message. Of those who watched only a portion of the ad, just over eight percent remembered the message.
General brand awareness was also enhanced when viewers completed the whole video: TubeMogul’s study revealed a 6.9 percent increase in brand awareness on the part of those who viewed the entire ad, and only 3.5 percent for those who only viewed part of it.

Using video watch rate as one of the metrics to evaluate your online presence can pay dividends. It can help you determine if there’s a common point in your videos where most viewers have had enough. Find the common factors and decide how you can keep your viewers dialed in.

Also, consider how you title your videos. Does it make your viewer want to click and watch it through to the end? An enticing thumbnail image can help get their attention, as well.

Do your best to keep them interested and engaged.

Once they’ve begun watching your video, you have ten, maybe 15 seconds to keep them from going back to their Solitaire game.

Keep the viewer engaged by minimizing the amount of content they have to sift through to find what they’re interested in. If you’re making a high-end buyer sift through 50-thousand dollar home listings to find the 500-thousand dollar homes, they could lose interest before they get there.

If you monitor the watch rates on your videos and use them to stay relevant to your audience, you’ll find more of your website’s visitors following through and becoming your clients.

engage your audience

Getting Started with Video for Real Estate in 3 Steps

Getting Started with Video for Real Estate in 3 Steps

So, you’ve been hearing (or, in this case, probably seeing) the buzz about incorporating video into your real estate marketing efforts? Let me be the first to congratulate you, and calm your fears. It’s really not rocket science!

Community videos are the most popular

For starters, decide which videos to utilize on your website. There are different types you can use, the most popular being community videos. A survey conducted by Google and the National Association of Realtors found this is the most-viewed type of videos. Eighty six percent of online home shoppers access these videos, as they seek information on the community they’re looking to move to. The good news is this type of video, once produced, has a longer shelf life and won’t need to be re-produced as often as individual property videos.

Listing Videos and home tour videos

The second most-popular video, sought out by 70 percent of prospective home buyers, is the in-home tour. This gives the shopper an opportunity to do a virtual walk-through without first having to contact an agent and schedule an in-person tour. A well-produced video home tour can help the homebuyer develop an emotional attachment to the house. It makes sense to incorporate video walk-throughs of as many of your listings as possible, in addition to having community videos available.

The NAR/Google study found that 54 percent of prospective homebuyers watched online video to gain general information, such as market conditions, and 44 percent used video to compare and contrast real estate companies.

Once you’ve determined the types of videos you want to include on your website, its time to hire a videographer. That usually boils down to you…or a professional. Not to disparage your camera skills, but there’s an obvious difference between the D-I-Y video and the pro video: professionally produced videos yield 30 percent better results.

Ask fellow agents or your broker for referrals if you go with a pro, and of course ask for a highlight reel so you can see their previous work. Generally, they charge by the hour, square feet of the home or by the length of the finished product.

Covering the cost of production

Hiring a real estate video professional can get expensive, but you have some options for covering the costs. Often times the agent covers the cost, but in some cases the seller bears the cost through a marketing fee or as part of the agent’s commission. In some cases, brokers make marketing packages available for agents.

DSLR camera capable of shooting video If you decide to shoot your own video, a small investment is all that’s required. For best results, use alight and a lavalier mic if you plan to narrate your video. This equipment will give you better lighting, a steady and smooth picture as you pan across the room, and better sound.

Include a quality-looking graphic at the open and close of each video, including your name and contact information so interested homebuyers can reach you.
Whether you go pro or do it yourself, most agents agree utilizing video results in more listings, helps sell homes faster, and attracts better quality leads.