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Tips Agents can Use to Shoot Great Videos on the Fly

Amie Hall / January 10, 2018

Shooting video on a smartphone can be a bit of a challenge. Most smartphones today have a high enough image quality that they can be used to create a professional video, but it isn’t about video quality alone. Here are some tips you can use to shoot great videos anytime.

Invest in a Stabilizer or a Tripod

A handheld stabilizer is perfect for shooting smooth-looking video by hand, while a tripod will help you frame a scene when filming other people (or yourself). If you’re using a tripod, consider getting one with a remote trigger — then you can start filming your video when you’re already in the scene, rather than having to start the video and edit the beginning out.

Start Using Filters

No — not the garish filters with stickers. There are filters available that simply clean up a scene, making it appear brighter, smoother, and more professional. Filters can really be key to shooting great videos. Start using filters that make your video brighter and higher contrast, but try to avoid ones that are immediately identifiable.

Focus on Lighting and Audio

Many people focus too much on camera quality without thinking about the basics. Lighting and audio are the two features that are most likely to make a video seem “amateurish.” Make sure your area is bright and naturally lit and record audio in a quiet area.

And, of course, there’s the big one: always shoot in horizontal video. Vertical video may look best when you’re shooting it, but it doesn’t look good when being viewed by others. Learn to frame your videos properly and horizontal video can give you a significant benefit, as it allows you to show your scenery (whether it’s your current listing or a new community development).

If shooting your own videos is just too much to handle you could always consider hiring a video production team or looking for high quality, personalized videos.