Video Marketing

3 Ways to Personalize Your Video Marketing Content

Amie Hall / February 5, 2018

Buyers, sellers, and investors — they all have specific needs when they connect with a brokerage. Personalizing your content towards individuals is the best way to truly connect with them, delivering the content they need and building your relationship. But what exactly does personalization mean in terms of your business and its video content?

1. Begin With a Solid Buyer Persona

Don’t just speak to a demographic; create a buyer within that demographic and speak directly to them. Sally is a 42-year-old mother of two looking to purchase a new home that’s a little larger than her current home. Tom is a single 33-year-old investor looking to buy a house to flip. These are very different people who may be within your market demographics. Tailoring each piece of content towards a specific person means that you improve your personalization; if your video is a flipping video, target it to Tom. If your video is a video about up-sizing your home, target it to Sally.

2. Focus on Unique Attributes of Your Local Market

Hyper-local content is thoroughly invested in your community and its events. Personalize your content by exploring your local area, from the real estate developments to the bakeries and restaurants. Buyers and sellers alike really want to know what’s going on in your area, not necessarily the stats and figures that you may find important.

3. Trigger Marketing Content Based on Customer Behavior

Perhaps the most useful way to personalize content is to trigger it based on the client’s own behavior. Let clients select which type of news they are interested in for your brokerage’s video newsletter. Send videos when clients request more information regarding purchasing a home or selling a home. Attach related videos to each video that you do show, so clients can continue to review content based on what they were already interested in.

Personalizing your content gives you the chance to speak directly to your customer, giving them what they need to progress along their buyer’s journey. Buyers, sellers, and investors who have the information they need are better equipped to engage and commit.