Video Marketing

3 Ways to Show Off Your Neighborhood Using Video

Amie Hall / March 28, 2018

When creating a marketing video, which amenities should you focus on? What features should you highlight — and what marketing and demographic information should you include? It all comes down to what clients really want to hear. Though there are some things, such as golf courses, that appeal to just a few people, there are other amenities that are fairly universal.

Take Pride in Local Schools

Many of those purchasing homes already have children or are intending on having children. Buyers who don’t have kids also know that homes in good school districts are easier to sell and more likely to retain their value. Cover the schools in the area, the awards they have won, and a few specifics about what makes them special (such as college preparatory programs).

Celebrate Nearby Restaurants and Attractions

Restaurants, bars, and other entertainment venues are always going to be a draw to potential buyers. Buyers want to know what they’re going to have access to in the area, and this can include everything from grocery stores to the local dog park. Try your best to focus on the best that the community has to offer; you can look at local review sites to see some of the top rated amenities in each community.

Show What’s within Walking Distance

How many amenities, such as grocery stores and restaurants, are actually within walking distance of a home? Walkability defines how easy it is for residents to walk from place to place, and it’s often considered to be a metric correlated with some of the best and most exclusive communities. Even those who don’t frequently find themselves walking around town are often going to be considered about its walkability, as it is often an indication of safety and public services.

Apart from the above, you may want to communicate some market insights about the neighborhood, such as home values and crime ratings. But the above three factors should be more than enough to give you material for your neighborhood walkthroughs.