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3 Ways to Build Your Online Brand with Advice Videos

Amie Hall / October 19, 2016

If you’re trying to build your online brand, credibility is a pillar to success. Providing consistent value for clients helps establish your position as a trusted expert in the market and keeping in contact with people you’ve already sold to helps fill the pipeline down the road.

Visibility equals credibility
There’s no shortage of things vying for your client’s attention. And when it comes to communicating with prospective and current client’s you want to let them know you have their best interests at heart. No matter what your digital medium for communication, email, social media, or blog posts, it’s important to let your audience know you’re trustworthy.

When including advice videos in your media of choice let the viewer know directly the best way for them to contact you should they need additional information about a listing or their home buying process.

Provide consistent value
With all the media floating around in the world today it can be incredibly difficult to reach your target audience. The problem is no longer about getting content out to people but more so being able to distinguish high-quality content from poor quality content. That’s where providing value to your clients makes all the difference. Remember, when searching on the internet people are object oriented and looking for answers to a problem they may be facing or situation that may be giving them some trouble during their home sell or home buying process.

And you as the local market expert are in prime position to provide your expertise and assistance to them. When reaching out to prospective clients via email or social media, share relevant videos to help ail your prospects problems. Advice videos are especially useful at doing so because they answer the most common questions your buyers have about home buying such as: “How To Stage a Home to Sell” or “What is an H.O.A.?”.

Which leads to our last and final point, keeping in contact.

Keeping in contact
What’s more important than a good first impression? A consistently good impression. Sometimes the home-buying process isn’t as straight forward as we’d like it to be. Sometimes it can be time consuming in the search for the property that is the right fit for the client. Perhaps you and the client have gone your separate ways after a successful transaction. In either case making constant contact with your buyer, or seller for that matter, helps to keep the lines of communication open.

Sharing insightful how-to advice videos can be the conversation starter that’s needed to help clarify your client’s needs.

These are just 3 easy steps you can take to help build your online brand and solidify your position as the local real estate in your area. For me tips to help sky-rocket your success in video marketing subscribe to our newsletter.