How to Use, Video Marketing

3 Ways to Use Video in Automated Marketing

Amie Hall / January 3, 2018

Automated marketing is a path towards an easier, more effective marketing strategy. Through automation, you can reduce your marketing budget. The key benefit of automated marketing is consistent presence which is accomplished by using technology to perform key marketing functions. Here are a few ways to get started.

Send Personalized Videos on “Triggered Events”

Personalized messages are always more effective than generic communications. An easy way to personalize videos is to present relevant content when a prospect completes certain “events” are. For example, if your customer shows interest in a particular product, you could send them a video about the capabilities of that product. Integrating your video marketing with your eCommerce platform is an easy way to do this.

Direct Visitors to Video Landing Pages

When sending out email marketing, the fastest way to get their engagement is to direct them to a video landing page. A video landing page sends them directly to informative, creative, and unique content about your business. Once the video is over, you can also have a call to action that directs them towards the next step. Automate this process by sending scheduled emails to prospective, first contact leads.

Create an Automated Newsletter of Content

Rather than having to send out videos individually, you can use automated marketing to share your content weekly, monthly, or even daily newsletter is sent consolidating your video content. Post your video content as usual and it’ll be sent to your followers on a schedule. A regular schedule is key towards building engagement and authority.

Real estate brokerages need to build trust and authority. The more video content you create and send out, the more effective your strategy will be. Through automation, you can begin sending out these without having to increase your administrative hours.