Video Marketing

4 Ways You can Distribute Video Content for Maximum Impact

Amie Hall / February 1, 2018

Once you’ve created your video content, you still need to distribute it. And that can be the challenge. With so much content floating around today, you need to be able to reach out to your customers on a personal level for maximum impact. Here are four ways that you can distribute your video content effectively.

Send holiday greetings to previous clients (with a service such as BombBomb).

Holiday greetings give a personal note to your relationship, letting your clients know that you’re thinking of them and their family. It’s a great time for you to display your knowledge of them, by personally greeting them and sending well wishes to their spouse or their children. In your video, let them know how your holiday is going, and let them know that you’re thinking about them — don’t make it too promotional. This is also advantageous because many people think of selling or buying a home after the holidays, and you’ll be fresh on their minds.

Post a quick 15 to 20-second video of a neighborhood event on social media.

When these events are going on, people are interested in them… and this gives them the chance to experience you and your brand. You don’t need to plan these out; just shoot them spur of the moment. Cover some of what makes that neighborhood special, and how the event has brought the community together.

Add “highlight” videos for community-specific website pages.

These highlights should include everything that’s important about the community, in addition to your personal branding and a call to action. Let potential customers know how best to contact you, and encourage them to continue following your channel.

Add “recommended” “next up” videos on YouTube.

Bonus tip: create community or topic-specific playlists. Once you have your audience’s attention, you want to ensure that you keep it. By funneling content to them, you can further develop your relationship and encourage them to connect.

Of course, these are only four ways — there are virtually unlimited ways that video content can be distributed. Real estate listings and community highlights are always going to be useful for those entering into the market. Build out your social media accounts, and you’ll find distribution becoming easier and easier.