How Big Data is Transforming Video in Real Estate

Amie Hall / October 2, 2017

Leaders in Real Estate are relying more and more on video to impart vast amounts of complex information in a way that is fast, easy to understand, and easy to review. It’s all about understanding Big Data- and video is the optimal venue for imparting the necessary information in a timely fashion.

“Big data is a collection of data from traditional and digital sources inside and outside your company that represents a source for ongoing discovery and analysis.” -Forbes

Big data can help reveal trends and patterns relating to the buying and selling properties in given sets of conditions. The power of big data comes from its ability to inform real-world applications. This helps real estate companies produce optimal strategies.

By 2020 over 50 billion smart devices will be actively collecting raw data. A third of this data will pass through the cloud. The typical Fortune 1000 company, with just a 10% increase in data access, will generate more than $65 million in new net income. At present, less than .5% of all digital data is analyzed. Imagine the potential.

Property data is being rapidly commoditized, with data that is available to everyone. The value you can provide is delivering real market insights that will make a difference in the long term, and immediately.

By Utilizing Big Data Effectively you can:

  • Streamline financial processes
  • Get a read on prospective buyers
  • Effect smarter management building

Harnessing real-time market data is key to making better decisions, mitigating portfolio risk and improving efficiency.

Sharing Big Data Insights with Video

Today, more and more Real Estate leaders are using video to share big ideas about big data in an easy to digest format.

The Advantages of Video:

  • Better SEO ranking
  • Holds viewer attention better than text
  • Higher share and embedding rates
  • Metrics friendly to better monitor views
  • Stronger emotional connections

Video is the easiest way for people to impart and take in big ideas and significant trends. It is the fastest and most palatable way to get the message out and get everyone on the same page very quickly.

When you have an important piece of data to share, you need to get the message out fast and leverage that data before the competition does. Video is your best tool for fast, broad, and accurate training.