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How to Brand Your Real Estate Company Using Video

Amie Hall / September 25, 2017

Video is one of the most engaging and expressive forms of media available — and it can be used to great impact when trying to establish a brand. Everything in a video can be tailored to your organization’s unique voice, creating a strong relationship with your customer base.

Creating Your Content Types
Agent Profiles. Agent profiles connect customers directly to agents on a personal level. This builds trust, which is especially important in the real estate market. Customers want to work with agents that they feel they know.

Company Profiles. Company profiles tell customers more about what the company values and its mission statement. This is an excellent opportunity to establish your core message and branding.

Listing Videos. Listing videos can give unique insights into specific real estate listings, far beyond the traditional text and image ads.

Market Videos. Market videos can provide updates to the current market, which can invigorate sales and purchase and reassure potential clients regarding entering into the market.

Community Videos. Community videos focus on the positive aspects of specific communities rather than an individual listing, which helps real estate firms that deal directly with developments and developers.

Educational Videos Educational videos give you the opportunity to establish yourself as a resource and authority regarding the real estate industry, providing multiple points of contact with customers who may not yet be ready to engage.

Distribution Strategies

Social media, firm websites, and related industry publications are all options for distribution.

But when it comes to distribution, there are two important factors beyond the distribution platform: professionalism and consistency. If videos are professional, they will be shared regardless of platform.

They also need to be posted consistently; a weekly basis is good, but a daily basis is far better. If your clients know that your content is on a schedule, they will be more likely to check, follow, and engage.

The ideal video marketing strategy to grow your real estate brand is a mix of evergreen and dynamic content.

With this content you’ll draw in individuals who are at all levels of their customer journey, from just beginning to consider a real estate transaction to being ready to commit.

Throughout this a consistent voice and constant update schedule is going to build your brand and draw in your client base.

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