Calling All Real Estate Video Influencers

Amie Hall / August 7, 2017

Real estate video influencers, we want you! VScreen and BombBomb are on a mission to find the top video influencer who ranks at the top in five categories — all while naturally educating their viewers. Are you or someone you know:

  • posting gorgeous home tour videos?
  • crushing it with the best YouTube channel?
  • raking in the viewers on Facebook Live?

Help VScreen and BombBomb Find the Best in the Industry

As industry leaders, VScreen and BombBomb have 20 years of combined experience crafting real estate videos. We’re using our reach and influence to find and recognize those people who implement best practices and other growth tactics in their videos. Five lucky winners will receive a mobile video kit — including a DJI Osmo Mobile with a 3-axis gimbal. This kit has a value of over $300.

Nominate game changers for one of five categories:

  • Recorded videos (social, email, text)
  • Community videos or neighborhood tours
  • Live videos (Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc)
  • Listing videos or home tours
  • All around (for more than one category above)

The Judging Process

This project is designed to both celebrate and educate. We’ll use a mix of objective scoring and subjective gut feeling to rank the following factors:

  • Consistency and quantity of video use
  • Creativity and differentiation demonstrated in video
  • Notes of the person nominating
  • How effectively the video communicates its message
  • Production quality (in some categories)

The Fine Print

We’ll accept nominations until Monday, August 28, 2017. You can nominate anyone, including yourself! Feel free to share this so it reaches the key influencers in the industry. Look for us to produce educational materials like webinars, blog posts and PDFs based on our research and this process!