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3 Ways to use Short-lived Video Content in Real Estate

Many agents focus primarily on building up their “evergreen” video content; content that’s going to be viewed for a long time to come. But short-lived content is also incredibly valuable.

3 Keys to Reaching Your Real Estate Audience using Mobile Videos

Today’s society is one that is highly mobile. In order to capture its attention, you need to make sure that your real estate videos are mobile friendly. The following tips will help make them — and you — more accessible to your target audience.

1. Keep videos precise and short

Mobile users are most commonly on the go so they’re looking for quick solutions. Make sure your videos are concise and that they provide the answers and insight that your audience needs quickly.

2. Use high-quality visuals and audio

Grainy video, spotty audio, and jerky visuals will try the patience of any person looking for information. Someone who’s on the go and who likely needs answers to their questions right away is going to click off your video if they run into any issues. To guard against this from happening, always opt for the highest quality visuals and audio you can find.

3. Make sure your videos scale and load

It should be obvious but it’s easy to forget about the file size of your videos. In order for the video to load smoothly, make sure the size is optimized for mobile. You’ll also need to make sure that your video scales appropriately wherever the video is shared. In fact, the ease of delivery and continuity, It’s even better if you host your videos on a platform such as VScreen or YouTube. Why? Videos uploaded to these platforms are optimized for mobile automatically without any extra input from you.

Use these three keys with every real estate video you make and you’ll reach your mobile audience more easily.

How to use Video to Boost Engagement for Interactive Content

Building a brand requires a lot of work… and a lot of engagement. In a competitive industry like real estate, engagement is incredibly important as well as challenging.

How to Use Videos and Live Chat to Increase Prospect Engagement

Many real estate professionals today use chat such as LiveChat to engage customers — but if it’s outside of business hours, customers may not be able to get a live person.