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How To Do A Fade Transition for Video

admin / March 18, 2013

We’ve still got some simple tips for your toolbox and today we’re going to dig into a very common editing transition that you’ll no doubt be using quite a bit…the fade.

Fading is about as simple an editing technique as you can get. But for those of you unable to wrap their heads around the concept, let me break it down. Fading refers to the idea of slowly transitioning from black into your footage or vice versa. So essentially, you’re adjusting the opacity or transparency of your footage.

The fade is most commonly used at the beginning and end of pieces to help ease the viewer in and out of the video. It just helps create a softer introduction to the footage for your audience rather than just smacking them in the face with it. You can however use it for other reasons. Much like the cross dissolve, which you can see explained in another of our amazing videos here, fading out to black and then back in can show passage of time, change in location, or just simply be a way to get from scene