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Leveraging Video for the Perfect Agent Retention and Recruitment Strategy

Let’s start with some facts and disclaimers. First and foremost, I think we can all agree doing

video properly is challenging, even for the best firms in our country. Outsourcing can take time,

and in the end the video is typically something that is set in stone. It may be evergreen in

nature, but that doesn’t make it easy to change, and if one of your agents wants to use it and

brand it to him or herself….good luck!


Here is the disclaimer: we believe the answer is dynamic video. Turnkey solutions that can

automate professional content, but allow the brokerage and agent critical flexibility. Of course I

am talking about VScreen’s products, so there is the full disclaimer. But I want to take this

further into a full-on strategy that will wow your agents and make you the envy of your market.


Many brokers have heard of our Market Videos Solution: High quality market reports that

feature data like Active Inventory, Days on Market, and Median Sales Price, just to name a few.

These are professional quality and dynamic, with no need for updating on our end. These are

great videos that I bet your agents would love to use, if only they could brand them as well.

Imagine an agent having that caliber of video provided to them by their broker every month.


Recently, VScreen launched our first dynamically generated professional Community Videos.

Similar concept as above, but with local community information like Education, Entertainment,

Things to Do, and so much more for every community in the U.S. and eventually Canada.

Nineteen high-impact scenes that can make you the local expert. You can leverage our

Community Videos on your website, property detail pages, community pages, social media and

in marketing campaigns. Again, imagine as an agent having that caliber, quantity and impact

with video. Most agents struggle to get decent quality with a shaky iPhone shot. Let’s change

that and make the brokerage the hero.


As a recruiting and retention strategy, the brokerage can take all of our high quality dynamic

video content, whether market reports or community videos, and brand them to every one of

their agents every month. From an agent perspective, this is digital gold. I get professional

quality video for my website, social media, and video marketing automatically updated and

branded to me with calls to action included to generate more business!


How many brokers in the country can say they can provide value to that level? If you use this

strategy and promote it properly, you can really impact your business. We would suggest

leveraging this content and strategy everywhere you can to let your market know you are on

the future of real estate and a leader in video.


For More Video Strategies like this with and without our solutions integrated, be sure to follow

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Keys to promoting your mobile video content


If you’re not using video to connect with potential homebuyers, you’re missing an increasingly large chunk of your potential clients. Research reveals it’s become an important part of the shopping process for an ever-increasing percentage of homebuyers. And, increasingly, those videos are consumed on mobile devices.

Just how important is video? It’s estimated as much as 85 percent of homebuyers and sellers look to work with a real estate agent who uses video to market their listings. Kathryn Royster, a blogger for, reports that homes listed with video get four times as many inquiries than homes with no video listings.

Clearly, video has become an important…or, shall I say, indispensable…tool for you, the agent, in today’s real estate market.

It’s important to understand, too, that how homebuyers use video has changed. Instead of merely sitting at home, at their very stationary desktop computer (if they even still have one), consumers are engaging with video more and more on mobile devices: tablets and cell phones. And, of course, they could be viewing your videos virtually anywhere…even in the driveway of one of your listings!

Get your viewers attention, fast.

Because homebuyers can access your videos anywhere at any time, it’s more important than ever to grab their attention quickly…and keep them engaged. As easy as it is for them to play your video, it’s just as easy for them to bounce away to other content.

Keep your videos clear and concise

The length of your video is an important factor. With mobile access, your viewer could be in any number of settings, faced with a variety of distractions. Two minutes of engaging video will do more to hold their attention than longer, more detailed content. Give them the highlights, as well as ways to get more detailed information. Of course, you want them to contact you to get more information and hopefully see your listing in person, so make sure you can be reached with the press of a thumb.

Make it easy to share your content

It’s never been easier for us to share information with friends and family. Make it easy for your viewer to share your content with others through Facebook, Twitter, email and more. The more views a listing video gets, the better!

To keep up with the fast pace that today’s mobile world has fostered, be sure to learn how best to utilize mobile video capabilities yourself. Never before have you been able to almost immediately spread the word about your brand new listing, complete with a listing video of the property! Today’s cell phones make it possible to produce a fairly high quality video quickly.

If you haven’t embraced the power of mobile video yet, what are you waiting for? Your buyers and sellers will love you for it!



4 Ways to Improve Video Marketing ROI


By now, we in the real estate industry are aware, or should be, how important video marketing is to our arsenal. It is no surprise that companies are popping up everywhere that do what we do in terms of scalable video content that is easy to integrate. It is an exciting time to be working in video, but even more so to be working in real estate-so naturally, combining the two can be even more fun.

Most of us though get a little lost in the closings, the open houses, the contracts, the offers, managing clients, managing agents, managing assistants, and OH, don’t forget about video. If you have video on your site, chances are, it can be improved and if it can’t, then maybe your strategy can.

At VScreen, we spend most of our time strategizing and assisting and educating in best practices for implementation than we do in shooting the video or editing.  Today I wanted to give you four quick things that could help in seeing ROI with your next video.

Share-ability – We all have seen a video that someone has shared on social media and seen them take off and go viral. The level of exposure these can attain is mind boggling, but creating the right content,  knowing your consumer and being original will all help in getting those coveted shares and re-tweets on social media-but at the end of the day, creating your videos just in the chance they will go viral shouldn’t be your motive. Every share matters and every like or comment counts, so create the content with your following in mind.

Traffic Redirect – It is widely thought that embedding the video into a blog post, a social media site, or the like will give you the best click through. While it helps, another method is to post the thumbnail with the play symbol on top of the image so the user can click through and go to your landing page or website. An easy way to do this with the least amount of frustration is to open the video, and when it is paused, take a screenshot. This will usually give you a play symbol on top of the image. Another easy way is to go to and use their tool for adding the play symbol, with multiple styles to choose from.  Redirecting the traffic back to your website will enhance your web traffic and help keep the user in an environment that is your own and with your content.

Lean towards your strengths and uniquenesses – We are all inspired by other videos or even brands. Apple is one of my favorites and so is Nike and we all have heard of Amazon. But, being your unique brand is what made all of those so great. If you’ve seen a video you like, that is great-be inspired, but don’t imitate it. What sets those companies apart in brand uniqueness, won’t work for you just like your strengths won’t necessarily be theirs. Have your clients come together and tell your brand story and why they like your company. Piece those interviews together for one cohesive 90 second clip.

“How to” videos are the jam – If Michael Jordan was to create a library of  20 videos and show us all how to jump like him, shoot like him, dunk like him, and so on, we would buy them if we had an interest in basketball. Instead of sending your clients listing videos or newsletters, what if you incorporated a “How to” or explainer video on increasing curb appeal? 1-2 minute videos solving a problem or answering a question can go a long way with your database of clients as well as will help keep you top of mind when their home is about go for sale.

engage your audience

Video metrics that impact your real estate marketing


Creating engaging video content that people not only press play but also interact with is the top goal of every real estate marketing professional. Whether you’re creating videos for your listings or introducing buyers to the local market, you want prospective clients watch, share, comment, and contact you to learn more. When it comes to understanding how well your video content is performing there are several metrics worth paying attention to.

Video views are really only useful in the context of understanding how many times your video content is being exposed to viewers. Video views as a lone metric doesn’t give you a clear view of the full picture of how people interact with and use your video content

Understand your average watch rate can help you clarify your video marketing message.
Watch length, also known as dwell time, is one of the foundational video marketing metrics because it helps you gain a better understanding of your videos’ ability to capture and hold the attention of your audience.

Keeping in mind that viewers are objective in their search process. They are looking for specific information that your video content must provide. When your video watch rate is low, it’s usually an indication that viewers have decided your video as unable to provide them with the information they need. Videos with high average watch rates are on par with the information viewers are looking for.

To improve poor watch rates the first thing you may want try is making sure your video content is consistent with and related to the other content on your page or website. This is important because it will ensure the relevancy of your video content in relation to the audiences’ search for the content.

If you’re seeing dwell times of six seconds or less try improving your content by grabbing the viewer’s attention early on by using more relevant keywords as you “breadcrumb” your viewer into the fuller parts of your videos’ message.

Make your content engaging and concise in order to keep the viewer glued to your video, instead of clicking out. Remember, in most cases, two minutes is about the maximum length you want to go. Also, remember the importance of branding in all of your content, so the viewer remembers you, and views you as an authoritative source of help.

The importance of high watch rates was established in a recent survey by TubeMogul, an online video advertising network. It found that more people remember online video content when they watch the whole thing.

Getting people to do more than just watch your video.
While its good that viewers stick around for most or all of your video marketing content, it’s even more important that they take action.

Shares are a very good indication that the viewer found your video content valuable. When viewers comment on your videos they’re opening the floor to conversation and providing your with the opportunity to learn more about what matters to them.

Keeping track of the share and comments of your video content can help you discover connections between what type of content your viewers benefit from the most and how you can tailor your video marketing content.

Your chances of making a lasting impression…and winning new clients…improve as you continually measure your video marketing content’s effectiveness through dwell time, completed views and interactions.