Video Marketing

What Changes in Video SEO Means for Real Estate?

Amie Hall / November 7, 2017

SEO changes from year to year — in fact, it often changes from day to day. Search engines are always competing to offer up the best content, and that means their algorithms change.

When algorithms change, you can have a harder time promoting your content — video included. Real estate agencies depend on both search engine optimization and video marketing to bring in customers and leads. Because of this, they need to be aware of new video SEO changes.

What is Video SEO?

Search engine optimization refers to the process of making it easier for users to find your content when they are searching for it.

In terms of video SEO, this often means tagging, describing, categorizing, and linking to videos appropriately so that users will find your content when they search for information on Google or YouTube. But because search engine algorithms change, the promoted videos also change.

How is Video SEO Changing?

Video isn’t always immediately revealed through search engines. Instead, users need to specifically search for video content for videos to come up with snippets — an image and text preview.

Because videos are not being co-mingled with other search engine results as reliably as before, marketers have to be more vigilant about their text-based content and social media marketing.

What Does This Mean for Your Real Estate Business?

To support your videos, you need to have an all-around marketing campaign. This means posting videos that are relevant to your buyers and sellers — and sending these videos directly through email and social media.

For the best SEO promotion, you want to create diverse, evergreen real estate content that is more informative than sales-oriented. Focus on video listings, community reviews, market reports, and general real estate information.

Ultimately it’s important to remember that all SEO changes are inherently targeted towards promoting better content. As long as you continue to produce the content that your customers want — professionally produced videos supported by data — you should be able to weather any SEO changes fairly effectively.