How to Use, Video Marketing

Crafting Your Brand’s Primary Video Marketing Goal

Amie Hall / February 10, 2017

Since the dawn of advertising, brand awareness has been the goal of every business. The most successful branding campaigns have turned product names into household words. And in many cases, they spent a small…or not so small…fortune. The good news is you can spend comparatively little to create effective brand awareness for your real estate business.

To build and maintain brand awareness, you have to create compelling video content. Whether a potential buyer has just stumbled upon your marketing video or listing video, or it’s someone who already knows you and wants to see what homes you may be offering, it’s important to keep their attention. If you haven’t grabbed their attention in the first few seconds, they’re not likely to keep watching and they’re also not likely to remember your name or your brand.

Your brand should be front and center…obvious but not intrusive…in your video. Your name, or the name of your sales team or brokerage, as well as your contact information, should be accessible. Strive for consistency in each video, as well. As your viewers watch more of your videos, they’ll recognize the placement of logos and other graphics, and associate it with you.
Beyond awareness, your videos should promote brand recall. More than just awareness, brand recall suggests that you and your business are top-of-mind. Or, as we used to say, you’re a “household name.” When the topic of real estate comes up, you want as many as possible to immediately recall your name, or the name of your business.

In addition to proper branding of your videos, one of the most effective ways to build brand recall is to make sure your video content is compelling to the viewer. One of the best ways to determine the effectiveness of your videos is by constantly assessing how many viewers are watching your videos in their entirety, and interacting by either sharing with others or responding in some way to your call of action.

When homebuyers are both aware of and recall your real estate brand, it generates interest. Usually, that results in the homebuyer making contact with you and developing a working relationship as you assist them in buying or selling a home.