Video Marketing

Effective Strategies for Adding Video in Your Communications

Amie Hall / November 22, 2017

Email is the easiest way to connect directly with current and potential clients — and video is one of the most engaging forms of communication. Here’s how adding video to your email marketing can take your campaigns to the next level.

Because email doesn’t easily incorporate video, you might need to get a little creative.

Create the right content. Real estate clients want to see videos of open listings, community videos, walkthroughs of the home buying purchase, and home renovation videos. If you provide content that they’re interested in seeing, you can establish a rapport with them.

Personalize your videos.

When building your mailing lists, ask your customers why they want information. Buyers and sellers will be interested in the vastly different content. By targeting them appropriately, you’ll be able to increase your clickthrough rates.

Have a clear call to action.

Provide compelling content in the body of your email and then direct them to click on the video. The video itself should also give them some form of direction, whether it is simply to subscribe to your channel or to contact you today to get their home listed.

Always track your video marketing.

CRM solutions, such as Salesforce, can be used to track clicked links — which will, in turn, tell you whether your videos are being viewed and your emails are being opened.

By adding video to your email, you’ll be able to improve your reach and your engagement. Though video marketing may require a little more of an initial investment than other types of marketing, it will be effective for a long time to come.

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