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Essential Editing Technique #1- Simple Cut

admin / July 26, 2012

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the world of so-called “editing effects” when you get your video into post-production. That bin of clock wipes and page peels looks like a bowl of candy that amateur editors just can’t wait to stick their hands in.

But DON’T DO IT! I repeat, DON’T DO IT!

These effects will make your video look like it was produced by Mrs. Weaver’s 4th Grade My First Home Video class. This video is number one in a series where we’re going to give you some simple editing techniques that will get you through your video in the classiest way possible.

First up is a cut. Simple as that…just a cut. Not every transition needs to be fancy. Most of the time just letting one shot cut to the next with no distracting animation is the best possible solution to get from shot A to shot B. It really couldn’t be any easier. Watch this (in the video above):

Step 1: Select your clip from the bin
Step 2: Use the handles on either end of the clip to trim it to length – Complicated.
Step 3: Drop the clip in the timeline and drag it up against the previous clip so there’s no gap between them.

And that’s it, folks! Using simple cuts and staying away from the stock transition animations is the fastest way to work, and the easiest way to keep your video from looking like a Power Point presentation.

Keep it simple, and by doing those things you’ll keep it professional. The next essential editing technique we’ll be unearthing is the illusive L-cut. You can also check out our advanced editing techniques as well.

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