Video Marketing

Going Beyond Viewability to Measure Video Marketing

Amie Hall / January 1, 2018

Video marketing success is often measured in terms of “viewability” — in other words, the number of views each video gets. But this may not be an effective way to measure video marketing success.

Are they actually resulting in buyer and seller leads? Or are they simply entertaining media? Here are some things you may want to consider.

Sharing: Are Your Videos Being Shared?

Sharing a video has significant social currency. When current or prospective clients share your videos, they’re encouraging their friends and family to view them.

They’re also indicating that they found something particularly valuable in the video itself. Sharing expands your audience reach and penetration, as individuals are most likely to share videos with people who find it relevant.

Promote sharing by encouraging viewers to share within the video itself, and point them to a specific audience: “Share with anyone else undergoing a home renovation!”

Conversion: Are You Getting Clicks?

Apart from brand awareness and recognition, many videos are only as valuable as their ROI. Are they actually prompting buyers, sellers, and investors to click through for more information? Are people following your video channels to continue their engagement?

Focusing on the highest converting and interactive content will make your videos as a whole more valuable. Remember, you’re going for quality, not quantity.

These metrics work very well in tandem with your viewability rating. If your videos are highly viewable but aren’t being shared, you may not be sharing them with the right audience.

If your videos are highly viewable but not converting, you may need a stronger call to action. Either way, being able to fine-tune the performance of your video marketing campaign is one of the most affordable ways to bring in additional clients.