How Brokerages Can Recruit and Keep Great Agents

Amie Hall / September 7, 2017

Accessing and keeping the best agents is key to success in real estate. Your approach to hiring should be a company-wide project. Every member of your team should be responsible for making a contribution to your brand message.

Many of the largest organizations in the industry are looking to the tech community for insights on how to onboard and keep the best talent.

Here are five ways, we’ve learned to optimize our approach to recruiting and retention.

Track Recruiting Efforts Like a Marketing Campaign
The fact is, your recruiting efforts ARE a marketing campaign- so track your recruiting efforts like one.

Using advanced metrics and empirical measurements are key to developing recruitment techniques that attract high-quality talent.

Convey Value Proposition Via Culture
The proof is in your people. If you have a high-quality culture, your team members will show it in everything they do. A satisfied and motivated team member is your best recruitment tool.

Don’t Confine Yourself to Job Boards
LinkedIn and other job boards are powerful tools- but don’t let them be the extent of your recruiting outreach.

Remember, your efforts need to be more like marketing- that means pro-actively and credibly pushing the message that your firm is the best place to work.

Beyond Compensation
Compensation may be a candidate’s bottom line- but it’s far from the whole story. According to a 2012 study by Net Impact, 58% of students said they would accept lower pay to work for a company that shared their values.

If you appeal to their deeper nature, sincerely, you can curate an intensely motivated and loyal team.

Fast is Slow, Slow is Quick
Remember, that which is expedient is usually short-lived. Developing long-term relationships at the expense of short-term gains can be a plus. In this industry, you can develop connections that can turn into partnerships later.