How to Use, Video Marketing

How to Use Videos and Live Chat to Increase Engagement

Amie Hall / December 4, 2017

Many real estate professionals today use chat such as LiveChat to engage customers — but if it’s outside of business hours, customers may not be able to get a live person.

This doesn’t have to be a lost lead. Chatbots such as Facebook Messenger or MeOkay combined with video can make it easier to secure a lead even when a human isn’t available.

Chatbots can be used to parse and answer simple questions that visitors might have about a business.

For the most part, many people ask very similar questions. Getting an answer to these questions could be exactly what the customer needs to progress along their buyer journey.

In real estate, buyers may want to ask questions about specific properties, agents, or the company itself. Being able to provide answers and links will increase the overall customer experience and satisfaction

Using Chatbots to share relevant videos with Prospects

We already know that video is the most engaging form of content. Often, the question is how to get prospective clients to view that video and then take action.

Chatbots give the unique opportunity to refer customers to videos when they’re already receptive and seeking more information. Chatbots can refer customers to:

  • Community Videos that highlight all the great experiences and benefits of your local neighborhoods. If this video is branded to you and your brokerage, even better. Prospects will immediately identify you as the local expert.
  • Market Videos which will provide them with the most up to date information about local market trends. This is especially effective for those interested in selling their home.
  • Branded videos that discuss your company’s culture and mission. This is an excellent way to introduce customers to the business and connect with them.

Buyers and sellers can get interested at any time, and the last thing you want to do is miss out on a high-quality contact because they were out of the office.

Chatbots combined with informative and engaging videos can be the critical missing link to engaging customers at any time of day.