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The Impact of Social Video in Real Estate

Amie Hall / August 8, 2017

The real estate industry is based on personal relationships just as much as it is on the properties for sale, and social video is giving the leaders of the industry the ability to show their stuff.

Video Forges New, Stronger Relationships

Strong visuals solidify the connection between agent and prospect because the medium lends itself to a higher degree of trustworthiness all around – the camera doesn’t lie.

Savvy real estate brokers are using social video to brand themselves into proper niche markets and expand into new territories as well. It is much easier to transmit a message over video than through voicemails or email messages. An agent can also share their personality more easily through video – imagine how powerful it can be for the viewer to see the real you and build confidence in your knowledge from your video message. The way you carry yourself and your experience shine through.

Live Streaming Encourages Engagement

A buyer may now take a virtual tour of a home without leaving her desk, with the agent leading the way in real time and high definition. Prospects can connect to an agent’s Instagram Live or YouTube feed, view the property in real time, and ask questions directly.

By the time the two parties meet in person, it is time to discuss the sale – all of the tough questions have been answered through video. Prospects may also focus on the properties that really interest them, while agents can target those videos to a wider audience.

In short, social video is a must have for every modern real estate agent. Your clients will get a complete picture of you and your properties. You can connect over a period of time instead of rushing the sales process, using the power of real time video to streamline the sales funnel and YouTube/Facebook/Instagram posts to expand accessibility and trust between parties.