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Industry Distribution: Video Consumption in the U.S.

Amie Hall / October 24, 2017

Video consumption in the United States continues to rise with no sign of abatement in the future. What does this mean for real estate agents? The best way to explain the importance of video and what its consumption in the US means to professionals is to share some eye-opening statistics on the matter.

According to Eyeview, a landing page that includes a video can result in an 80% increase in conversions.

Animoto has some staggering statistics regarding video consumption including:

  • number of videos watched every single day on YouTube and Facebook? Seven billion.
  • number of customers who are more likely to read newsletters that have video links? Nearly 50%.
  • number of consumers who say that videos that demonstrate are helpful? four out of five.
  • number of consumers who prefer videos that are 60 seconds or shorter? almost two-thirds.

According to Mediakix, by 2019, the spending for digital video advertising is expected to be more than $14 billion. Almost half of that figure — nearly $7 billion — is likely to be devoted to mobile video.

Cisco believes that online videos will fuel more than 80% of the consumer traffic from the internet in just a few short years — 2020.

Videos and social media

  • number of videos viewed by Snaphchat viewers every day: 10 billion
  • percentage of people who watch over an hour of YouTube or Facebook videos a week: 45%
  • number of people on Facebook who watch videos every day: 500 million
  • percentage of Twitter users who view videos on the platform: 82%

In short…if you’re not using video for your marketing, you’ll be falling behind sooner than you think.  Video is an engaging way to stay top of mind with your sphere of influence, as well as gain new contacts and leads!

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