Video Marketing

How to Integrate Video into the Real Estate Buying Process

Amie Hall / February 7, 2018

From start to finish, video marketing is uniquely capable of supporting buyers across their journey. Understanding and supporting the buyer journey is how you can convert leads to clients; by understanding their needs at each stage and meeting them.

Step 1: Informational Videos

When buyers are first interested in purchasing a home, they begin idly looking into communities, listings, and market videos. This is important: don’t assume that your listing and community videos are only important to those who are going to buy now, and don’t assume that your old content is no longer valuable. Many buyers who are just “touching base” with the market are going to be looking at precisely these videos for an overview of what they can expect.

Step 2: Explainer Videos

Once buyers have committed to the idea of purchasing a home, they still need to find out how. At this point, buyers will be looking into how to purchase a home, how to get a loan, and how to improve their credit. At this point, you’ve already established yourself as an authority in the area through your informational videos. Now it’s time to enhance credibility by giving them more information about the home buying process itself.

Step 3: Branded Videos

Why should they work with you? Buyers now need to make a decision: what real estate agent or brokerage are they going to go with? And even though they’ve been getting their information from you thus far, they may also be looking at other businesses. Distinguish yourself with branded videos that describe what sets your brokerage apart, and personally highlight your real estate agents.

Step 4: Testimonial Videos and Follow Ups

It’s not over when the sale is complete. Once you’ve completed the buying process, consider acquiring testimonial videos and follow up videos from your customers. These videos will do a lot in terms of word-of-mouth advertising for your brokerage.

Supporting the buying process simply means being there for your client at every stage. By creating a large amount of video content, you can draw in large numbers of buyers who are looking for guidance.