Video Marketing

How to Keep Clients Up to Date with the Local Market Using Videos

Amie Hall / April 2, 2018

One of the major reasons clients follow brokerages is to keep current with market information. They may be waiting for the right time to purchase a home or the right time to sell. Either way, compiling this information is an excellent way to add value to your relationship. But how can you research, organize, and present this data in a way that isn’t time-consuming.

Researching and Organizing Data

When it comes to consistent reporting, it’s useful to create a template and a strategy. Pare down to the metrics that you’re most interested in reporting, and find the sources of that information that are easiest for you — such as your local real estate newsletter.

Your updates should be completed regularly, whether it’s weekly or monthly. Organizing your updates can be as simple as plugging your new numbers into a spreadsheet and then discussing them one by one for your audience.

Presenting Your Information through Video

Rather than having to create a slideshow presentation or a complicated spreadsheet — which customers may not even want to review — you can simply jump on video and describe the current market aspects. Your template will give you the information that you need, and all you’ll need to do is discuss it. This gives your updates a personal touch and makes the process of presenting the information much faster.

Video marketing can make the entire process of updating your customer base easier, as you can condense a large amount of information into a fast, engaging presentation. Through this, you’ll be able to keep your followers without wasting a large amount of time.