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Key Digital Performance Metrics for Video Marketing

Amie Hall / August 29, 2017

Whether you post custom content or you have an automated content provider, do you know how to tell when a video is doing well?

If you’re like most people, you equate the number of views a particular view gets with its success.
While that’s one metric that you can use, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Engagement Metrics

Engagement metrics – which includes things like views, watch times, shares, likes and comments about the video — give you a baseline on which to build your video marketing strategy.

For example, if you learn that your 30-second videos have more views and longer watch times than your three-minute videos, you know that shorter is better with your target audience.

Any comments from viewers, such as an indication for more views of a particular area or the inclusion of certain information, help you fine tune your videos to deliver the experience your audience is expecting.

Brand Awareness

While increasing a viewer’s awareness of your brand so it results in making contact with you is your ultimate goal, the above, commonly-measured metrics aren’t going to be an effective barometer of your video’s performance.

Measuring brand awareness typically involves two strategies: surveys and searches.

  • Surveys are sent to a control group who didn’t see your video and a group who did. Both groups receive the same one-question survey about your brand. The results can be effective at determining viewer recall of your brand.
  • Search gathers information about the search habits of a group who didn’t see your video and compares it with the group who did to learn if there are differences in which keywords they used. The differences between these groups often correlated to your content.

By utilizing these measurements of success you’ll be able to help strategically target your message length and content to get the maximum engagement and exposure for your brand.

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