Video Marketing

Keys to Promoting Your Mobile Video Content

Amie Hall / May 25, 2017

If you’re not using video to connect with potential homebuyers, you’re missing an increasingly large chunk of your potential clients. Research reveals it’s become an important part of the shopping process for an ever-increasing percentage of homebuyers. And, increasingly, those videos are consumed on mobile devices.

Just how important is video? It’s estimated as much as 85 percent of homebuyers and sellers look to work with a real estate agent who uses video to market their listings. Kathryn Royster, a blogger for, reports that homes listed with video get four times as many inquiries than homes with no video listings.

Clearly, video has become important…or, shall I say, indispensable…tool for you, the agent, in today’s real estate market.

It’s important to understand, too, that how home buyers use video has changed. Instead of merely sitting at home, at their very stationary desktop computer (if they even still have one), consumers are engaging with video more and more on mobile devices: tablets and cell phones. And, of course, they could be viewing your videos virtually anywhere…even in the driveway of one of your listings!

Get your viewers attention, fast.

Because homebuyers can access your videos anywhere at any time, it’s more important than ever to grab their attention quickly…and keep them engaged. As easy as it is for them to play your video, it’s just as easy for them to bounce away to other content.

Keep your videos clear and concise

The length of your video is an important factor. With mobile access, your viewer could be in any number of settings, faced with a variety of distractions. Two minutes of engaging video will do more to hold their attention than longer, more detailed content. Give them the highlights, as well as ways to get more detailed information. Of course, you want them to contact you to get more information and hopefully see your listing in person, so make sure you can be reached with the press of a thumb.

Make it easy to share your content

It’s never been easier for us to share information with friends and family. Make it easy for your viewer to share your content with others through Facebook, Twitter, email and more. The more views a listing video gets, the better!

To keep up with the fast pace that today’s mobile world has fostered, be sure to learn how best to utilize mobile video capabilities yourself. Never before have you been able to almost immediately spread the word about your brand new listing, complete with a listing video of the property! Today’s cell phones make it possible to produce a fairly high-quality video quickly.

If you haven’t embraced the power of mobile video yet, what are you waiting for? Your buyers and sellers will love you for it!