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What Makes the Best Agent Testimonial Videos?

Amie Hall / September 20, 2017

There are few things that are as impactful as a testimonial video. Testimonial videos are able to reach out on a personal level and speak directly to specific audience demographics, encouraging them to get in contact and engage with a business.

The best agent testimonial videos have many aspects in common, and understanding these aspects can be the first step into developing solid testimonials on your own.

Organizing and Executing Your Agent Testimonial Video

When it comes to designing an agent testimonial, there are three important aspects: script, video, and audio. Though a testimonial should be an honest reflection of the individual’s experience, it should still have a written and prepared script that has been pared down to the relevant content.

Both video and audio need to be recorded in high quality with professional recording devices, with video stabilized and audio free of interruption and inclusions. It can often be worth it to engage the services of a professional video production company, as they will have the equipment on hand.

Keep it clear and concise.  Agent testimonials should be short and to the point, including brief and simple statements that speak to the benefits of the brokerage. Anything extraneous or unnecessary should be cut.

Don’t be afraid to get a little personal.  Agent testimonials are designed to connect with others directly, person-to-person. If an individual can (briefly) speak to how they were personally affected by their experience, it makes the video all the more impactful.

Include a clear call to action. Even in a testimonial video, viewers should be told what they should be doing next in terms of connecting with an agent or agency and moving forward on their journey.

Agent testimonials are one of the easiest ways to develop brand recognition and trust through content marketing. Though they are only one part of a brand identity campaign, they are valuable because they have a very high ROI. Shooting at least a few agent testimonials is a good way to build engagement and relationships.

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