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What Makes the Best Listing Videos?

Amie Hall / September 27, 2017

The dynamic, audio/visual capabilities of video can appeal to the head and the heart at the same time. Your listing video, for example, should impart important information, from square footage to price, while simultaneously making strong emotional connections.

By the end of your video, viewers should know most of what they need to know about the property on display, and perhaps more importantly, be able to clearly imagine themselves living in the featured home. In short, a good listing video should be much more than a simple and short virtual tour.

The elements that go into producing an effective listing video are multifaceted and complex, but anyone can do it with a little bit of research, learning, and practice. For the time being, let’s set aside the technical aspects of the process, such as camera selection and editing software use, to focus on a few essential “big picture” elements that every listing video should have.

Focus on Certain Rooms and Features

Don’t give equal time to every room in the house. In fact, you may want to skip over certain areas altogether in order to spend more time on the rooms and features that matter the most. Prospective homebuyers are most interested in kitchens and main living areas. In addition to highlighting these rooms, be sure to include shots of walk-in closets, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, impressive skyline/waterfront views, or any other desirable amenities that your home happens to have.

Shoot Scenes with Movement

Use the power of active video to create a dynamic viewing experience. Move the viewer through the space of the home by including tasteful pans, slides, and zooms. Start a fire in that fireplace and turn on that decorative ceiling fan or water feature before filming.

Explore the Outside

Every good listing video should recreate a physical tour by beginning with shots of the exterior grounds, placing emphasis on any large tracts of land or patio areas. If the property is in a particularly good area, you may want to incorporate highlights of the neighborhood as well.

Using these simple guidelines will help your listings stand out from the rest.

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