How Big Data is Transforming Video in Real Estate

Leaders in Real Estate are relying more and more on video to impart vast amounts of complex information in a way that is fast, easy to understand, and easy to review. It’s all about understanding Big Data- and video is the optimal venue for imparting the necessary information in a timely fashion.

What Makes the Best Listing Videos?

The dynamic, audio/visual capabilities of video can appeal to the head and the heart at the same time. Your listing video, for example, should impart important information, from square footage to price, while simultaneously making strong emotional connections.

How to Brand Your Real Estate Company Using Video

Video is one of the most engaging and expressive forms of media available — and it can be used to great impact when trying to establish a brand. Everything in a video can be tailored to your organization’s unique voice, creating a strong relationship with your customer base.

What Makes the Best Agent Testimonial Videos?

There are few things that are as impactful as a testimonial video. Testimonial videos are able to reach out on a personal level and speak directly to specific audience demographics, encouraging them to get in contact and engage with a business.