How to Use Video Throughout Your Marketing Channels

Marketing videos are an effective way to show off your personal brand, share community information around a property, display property features, and attract business. But once you’ve created a video, what’s next?

The Science is In: Video Length Is Correlated with Effectiveness

Using video to deliver your message is a must in this digital age. One of the most important elements to consider when making a great marketing video is its length. A video that’s shorter than 30 seconds doesn’t always provide enough time to deliver your message. One that lasts longer than 90 seconds though will likely lose the interest of your viewers who want you to get to the point.

The Impact of Social Video in Real Estate

The real estate industry is based on personal relationships just as much as it is on the properties for sale, and social video is giving the leaders of the industry the ability to show their stuff.

Calling All Real Estate Video Influencers

Real estate video influencers, we want you! VScreen and BombBomb are on a mission to find the top video influencer who ranks at the top in five categories — all while naturally educating their viewers. Are you or someone you know: