Which Hosting Solution is Best for Real Estate Video Marketing?

Using videos as part of your real estate marketing strategy is the easy decision. What’s trickier is deciding whether you should use YouTube to host your videos or if you should stick with hosting them yourself.

Top Brokerage Video Strategies

There are few industries that rely so heavily on visual perception than real estate. While pictures provide some mechanism for satisfying the quest to know more about a property, nothing beats videos for providing potential clients with the next best thing to being there. Here’s how videos make it easier to market a property:

Effective Strategies for Incorporating Video in Your Communications

Email is the easiest way to connect directly with current and potential clients — and video is one of the most engaging forms of communication. But how can you integrate video into your email marketing campaigns?

Top Social Media Video Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Getting a top-notch home listing or “about me” video made is only one step in the process of becoming an influencer. A surefire way of positioning a real estate professional as an expert in his or her niche and generating more leads can be distilled down to one actionable phrase: get involved.