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Reaching Homebuyers with Advice Videos

Amie Hall / January 11, 2017

Advice videos are a relatively easy way to reach your audience of homebuyers: they can…OK should…be relatively short, and there’s no need for a lot of fancy production

That makes it easy to produce timely advice videos. You may want to update potential buyers on an impending interest rate hike, or share updated market information such as the inventory of homes available. A quick, two minute (or so) video starring you will help position you as an expert in your field.

Other options include having a regular series of evergreen videos…with content that is more or less timeless. One might feature strategies for saving for a home purchase.

Another could be advice for first-time buyers. A third might be tips for staging a home for sale. Create regular viewership by publishing a new video every Monday featuring important new market information for your viewers.

Just as with other types of videos you produce, branding is important. Your name and logo, as well as phone number and email address, should be plainly seen and linked.
Also, be sure to cross-promote your advice videos, so the viewer is aware you have other information to share.

Youtube, as always, is a great place for exposure. Remember to use keywords related to your video’s topic to reach your intended audience. Like listing videos, advice pieces are good, sharable videos to post on Facebook and other social media outlets.

Offer a call to action in the form of more information, or personal help related to the subject of your video. You might offer a tip sheet for first-time homebuyers, or the latest details on interest rates to viewers who respond. This moves you another step closer to establishing trust with your potential client.

Don’t forget past clients, as well. Just as you might add them to a newsletter list, remember to share your video content with them. They might just be ready to sell their current home and buy another…or at least know someone who is.
Planning a regular schedule of advice videos will help establish you as a real estate expert, and help you fill that ever-important funnel with lots of prospective homebuyers!