Video Marketing

The Science of Video Length and Effectiveness

Amie Hall / August 10, 2017

Using video to deliver your message is a must in this digital age. One of the most important elements to consider when making a great marketing video is its length. A video that’s shorter than 30 seconds doesn’t always provide enough time to deliver your message. One that lasts longer than 90 seconds though will likely lose the interest of your viewers who want you to get to the point.

According to Wistia, current best practices for a marketing video dictates that their length should be between 30 and 60 seconds. A viewer might watch a video that is longer — up to about two minutes in length — when it’s particularly compelling

Engage and Educate to Inspire Action

In order to engage a viewer, a video has to deliver a message that resonates with them. Follow this simple three-step process to quickly and easily engage your audience:

  • Get straight to the point early on in the video.
  • Educate consumers by offering an explanation around the midway point. These first two steps provide the bulk of the video’s content.
  • Wrap it up by reiterating how you hold the solution to their problem so that it inspires them to contact you.

The above steps are most effective when you limit content to that time limit mentioned earlier.

Entertain to Engage

Most viewers aren’t going to watch a video that’s dry and boring. Today’s consumers want to be entertained as they are being exposed to the solution to their pain points.

Develop a storytelling angle that can sustain its entertainment value and retain viewer interest. And remember–your call to action is typically at the end, so you don’t want to risk losing the chance for them to connect with you for more information. You’ll want to give them enough to know it’s of interest to them and then allow them to contact you to continue the collaborative conversation.