Video Marketing

How to Shoot Awesome Community Videos from Your Phone

Amie Hall / March 12, 2018

You want to create some great community video, but you aren’t able to invest a lot in new equipment. You can still shoot some fantastic community videos from your home, from pre-edited community overviews to live streams of the community amenities. You just need to follow a few important tips.

Get the right phone.

You need to have a relatively current smartphone. Many cell providers will subsidize the cost of a phone for you — and, naturally, it’s a business expense.

Pay attention to sound.

Most phones today shoot great video. The problem actually enters in because of sound, as there may be a lot of background noise. Try to shoot during quiet times of the day and do your best to speak into the microphone.

Invest in some peripherals.

Phone peripherals are pretty cheap. A tripod will stabilize your shots, while a “selfie button” is actually very convenient because you can start your shot from farther away.

Use your apps.

There are a number of completely free apps available that make it easy for you to edit your video before you post it. You can trim video, organize clips, and boost your video and audio quality.

Make sure the lighting is right.

Low lighting is the most common problem with cellphone shot video. Professional videos often use large lights to illuminate the scene. Try to shoot areas when already brightly lit.

The best tactic is to practice your shots until you get a feel for the video and sound quality. You need your videos to look professional if you’re going to build authority, and you don’t need expensive equipment — you just need to be dedicated and detail-oriented when shooting and also editing your shots.