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Social Media Video Metrics that Matter Most in Real Estate

Amie Hall / October 3, 2017

In the modern age, marketing and measurement go hand-in-hand. Although this holds true for every industry and media outlet, real estate professionals are in a unique position to take advantage of the marketing in real-time offers by tracking these social media video metrics.

Up-to-the- minute viewer/visitor data is built directly into all major social media sites, and if you aren’t taking advantage of his data as a real estate agent, you just aren’t making the most of your digital marketing efforts.

In short, you can spend all the time in the world to establish a broad social media presence and craft compelling content, but if you are receiving no information on the overall effectiveness of these marketing efforts, you may just be wasting your time.

By keeping an eye on your social media video metrics, you can constantly adjust your marketing strategies to better reach your goals. The most important metrics for real estate agents to watch are…


Followers are visitors who express additional and ongoing interest in your properties/services. They will automatically receive regular updates as you alter or add posts. A large follower base sends an immediate positive signal to newcomers to your page.


Many social media sites – including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – allow users to “like” a post with a single click. A large number of “likes” not only looks good to visitors but can improve outreach by increasing the likelihood of your post’s inclusion on individual member feeds.

Video Plays and Watch Percentages

Video plays will tell you how many people click on your listing videos, and watch percentages will tell you how long these videos are being watched. Use these metrics to ensure the effectiveness of your video content by adjusting the length or message.


One of the most important metrics for real estate agents, the number of shares represents the number of people who have sent your particular post to someone else. Each share greatly increases the chances that your listings will reach a serious potential home buyer.

Using these KPI’s as a guide will help you get the most out of your social media content and grow your sphere of influence.