Video Marketing

Social Media Video Marketing Best Practices

Amie Hall / November 13, 2017

Social media is a great platform for real estate professionals to engage potential and current clients using videos. Keep the following video marketing best practices in mind to help ensure that your videos present you at your best and encourage viewers to convert to clients.

Always Introduce Yourself

Let viewers know who you are pretty early on in the video. Introduce yourself and your company. It doesn’t have to be complex. Even a simple “Hey everyone this is [your name] with [your real estate brokerage name].

Today, I’m here to show you…” Some examples could be your newest listings, a neighborhood overview or recent real estate trends for the local area.

Personalize Your Videos.

You want to connect with the people who watch your videos so you need to make sure they have personal details. For example, Include your headshot and the company logo in the intro.

This is especially important if you’re not in the video. Research shows headshots increase client trust and confidence.

Keep it High Quality

Remember that every video you do is a reflection of you and your brand. Go for high quality and professionalism every time.  High-resolution clear video footage, photos and sound paint you in the best light.

Focusing on high-quality elements delivers the expectation that a client is going to be working with an experienced real estate professional if you are chosen.

Developing a video marketing plan to build your social media following doesn’t have to be difficult or cumbersome. By following the simple tips above, you’ll be able to create engaging social media videos every time.