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How to Tell Your Brand Story Using Video

Amie Hall / January 8, 2018

When marketing your real estate brokerage, it’s incredibly important to build a brand. Your brand story does more than tell your customers what to expect from you — it shows them what your mission and values are and what makes you unique as a company. But telling a brand’s story through video can be a challenge. How do you get started?

Introduce your brand in each video

A small “stinger” before each video should play to let viewers know that it’s yours. The stinger should be clear and brief, depicting your company’s logo and a singular sound that you’ve selected to represent your business. In the corner, your video should display a brand watermark. Over time, potential clients will begin to associate your brand with authority and knowledge.

Create and share a “mission statement” video

A mission statement video — and an “about our business” video — is an important part of a marketing campaign. Direct prospective clients to the video as a “get to know you.” This allows you to build trust and a relationship with them, as they’ll be able to relate to your business on a more personal level.

Keep videos short and to the point

When telling your brand story, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the minutiae — but the shorter the video, the better. Focus on the core principles of your business, its primary values, its goals, and (perhaps most importantly) what sets it apart from the competition.

Though you want to have specific branding videos, you also want your brand to be seen across all of your videos — so work on a consistent tone and delivery for all of your media. By consistently taking these simple steps, you’ll be able to brand your real estate company, as word-of-mouth and social sharing will build momentum.