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Tips for Marketing Real Estate Using Facebook Live

Amie Hall / October 30, 2017

Facebook Live is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to reach directly to their audience. Using Facebook live lets you speak directly to your Facebook followers — and it gives a sense of time pressure and urgency to your words. But to fully utilize it, you need to know a few things about the platform.

What Can You Use Facebook Live For?

Listing videos. Get in the habit of regularly hopping onto Facebook live to give a brief overview of your current listings. This is an excellent opportunity to give many people a “walk through” of a property at once.

Community videos.Go through the amenities of a community occasionally by walking through some of the local parks, restaurants, and other scenes — this will give people a better idea of what to expect when they purchase a property in that area.

Informational videos. You can simply get on Facebook Live to offer market updates, information, and advice to your followers — this develops a personal relationship with them and encourages them to trust you.

Preparing for a Facebook Live Broadcast

Do a test run.

To broadcast on Facebook, you’ll usually be using a smartphone or tablet. Get used to recording video on your device before you begin broadcasting.

Have a preamble.

Let your followers know that you’re going to be online and broadcasting at a certain time.

Get someone to watch your broadcast with you. Another agent or even a friend can watch your broadcast and let you know if there are any problems — such as audio quality issues.

Facebook Live only goes out to your followers.

Though others can view it, it’s unlikely that it’s going to have a widespread reach among strangers or those who aren’t associated with your account. Because of that, it’s important for you to begin building your following right away.

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