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Top 3 Audiences to Include in Your Video Drip Marketing

Amie Hall / November 14, 2017

Adding drip marketing to your marketing strategy is a powerful method of engaging potential clients and nurturing your relationships with them. Drip marketing that focuses on three primary segments of the real estate population — potential home buyers, previous clients, and home sellers — provides the most value. Here’s how to target each of them:

Home Buyers

Videos targeted to home buyers should focus on enticing homes that have recently hit the market or have noteworthy features that set them apart. Other engaging options include community videos, market data highlights, and resources specifically for home buyers.

Add content that alerts home buyers as to why people flock to your market and how your unique skill set can help them find the home of their dreams.

Previous Clients

Most experienced real estate agents can count on their previous clients to provide at least some of their business. As such, these former clients need to have videos targeted to their needs.

Creating a video that explains any updates and/or changes that have occurred within your agency over the past few months motivates previous clients to engage with you by visiting your website. A video that highlights the client resources you offer is another good way to touch base with previous clients.

Home Sellers

Engage home sellers with videos containing compelling data that encourages them to learn more about your services.

Informative videos that contain statistics about recently sold homes nearby, as well as data pertaining to those listings that you’re personally responsible for selling, are data-driven and action-oriented, prompting potential home sellers to contact you.

Intersperse these with videos centered on local community amenities, seller tips, testimonials and your value proposition to provide a well-balanced drip marketing campaign.

Targeted videos that are professionally created provide compelling solutions that address the goals of your drip marketing campaign. Specialized content wins over generic videos to engage recipients and results in conversions.

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