Video Marketing

Top 3 Engagement Strategies for Your Video Marketing

Amie Hall / February 12, 2018

Just having a lot of views doesn’t necessarily mean that your campaign is effective. It isn’t views that matter; it’s engagement. You can have 20,000 views on a video, but if not one of those go on to contact you, they aren’t going to help. If you want a solid strategy, you have to concentrate on improving your engagement. The first step is developing a strong call to action.

Examples of a Strong Call to Action

A call to action describes what the viewer should do immediately after watching a video. Without a call to action, a viewer is liable to simply turn the video off and go about their day; even if they want more information, they may not know how to get it. Here are some examples of a strong call to action:

  • Our newest development is already nearly sold out — so contact us today to schedule a viewing.
  • We’re already showing this listing to prospective buyers, and it’s going to go fast. Call us today for a showing.
  • Year-over-year, prices have increased in the area by 4.3%. It’s time to get into the market. Fill out our contact form to get started.
  • Interest rates have gone up! How is this going to impact the market? Sign up for our newsletter to learn more.

All of this creates a feeling that the viewer has to take an action now.

Focus on What Matters to the Viewer

What you know isn’t necessarily what the viewer knows — and what the viewer wants isn’t necessarily what you want. You need to focus on what matters to a viewer. A viewer who wants their dream home isn’t looking for intricacies of the market; they’re looking for the next steps that they can take to get the home of their dreams. Likewise, sellers are interested in the intricacies of the market, but what they really want to know is when it’s time to sell. Always refine your data into these main points, as this is what the viewer is going to take away from your video.

Use Urgency to Prompt an Action

Don’t just tell someone what to do; tell them why they need to do it now. Is the market hot? Is it a buyer’s market, or a seller’s market? Is a particular listing going to go soon? No one wants to miss out — that’s a universal truth. If you can tap into their fear of missing out, you can prompt them towards the next action you want them to take. And once they’re there, you’ll have them fully engaged and ready to learn more.

Be As Clear and Concise as Possible

The worst thing you can do in a video is ramble. When you ramble, you lose your audience entirely. Though they may come away with a few salient points, they aren’t going to know what to do next. Never backtrack during your videos and always come through with some clear, compelling, and concise conclusions.

Don’t forget to take every possible measure in tracking the effectiveness of different CTAs. Try out different call to actions and determine which are getting the most traffic, expanding your brandand leading to the most engagement. All of these factors will be important in improving your effectiveness and engagement.