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Top 5 Excuses Realtors Give for Not Using Video

Amie Hall / July 13, 2017

Real estate brokers have a huge responsibility. They are trying to keep the agency’s customers happy and help their agents thrive in today’s ever-changing real estate marketplace. Sometimes, it is easy for a broker to ignore advances in technology as they strive to keep the office running smoothly. But is it worth the cost to not keep up?

This year, 74% of internet traffic will be video based, so you better believe the top real estate professionals will connect with new clients using video. However, many brokers still haven’t yet embraced this technology citing a variety of reasons for falling behind on adopting video strategies.

When we talk to Realtors and Brokers, here are the top five excuses commonly given for NOT using video marketing and why you should reconsider:

“It’s expensive” – As a broker, the budget is always a concern. While creating and utilizing video may have been very expensive a few years ago, advances in technology have made it much more affordable for agencies of all sizes.

Many programs and tools now are built for scale and provide bulk discounts so that for just a few dollars per listing, you can have both branded and MLS compliant videos with built in lead capture! Would you want to tell your sellers you won’t spend a couple bucks to have a video on their property that can be syndicated to other sites as well as social media? We didn’t think so.

“It’s too much work” – Filming and creating custom content IS a ton of work, and most brokerages just don’t have the time to produce video. However, with VScreen, adding video doesn’t require any more effort than photos do. In fact, our videos are all automated “set it and forget it” campaigns.

This means once the video is displayed—any changes automatically show up without you having to do anything. We stream the newest version of your video to you.

“It’s too complicated” – Learning a new technique will take some dedication, but with the technology available today video isn’t that difficult to use. The average middle schooler is comfortable “going live” on Facebook or Instagram and posting videos on YouTube; our setup is even easier than that. The process to get started is pretty painless and we do the heavy lifting.

“I don’t see the value.” – Today’s homebuyers are tech savvy. They use websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube regularly, so video is part of everyday life. Check out listings of your competitors.

Do any used video? It’s more engaging, it’s more appealing, and it’s what today’s buyers expect. Additionally, research has proven that our brains retain information better via video than any other format. You may not understand the benefit, but your clients surely do!

“My agents won’t use it.” – It may take a little time, but once you get feedback from buyers, your agents will be hooked. Often, agents understand the value of video but simply don’t have the time to create it.

Having it created automatically for them, allows them to stay focused on other tasks.

We’ve built VScreen video content to solve these 5 important barriers to using video. You may not want to be in the video business, but to be in the Real Estate business you DO need a solid video marketing strategy.

That’s why we’ve built our tools: we’ve spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours becoming the video experts: so you don’t have to.

Amie Hall