Video Marketing

Top Brokerage Video Strategies

Amie Hall / November 28, 2017

There are few industries that rely so heavily on visual perception than real estate. While pictures provide some mechanism for satisfying the quest to know more about a property, nothing beats videos for providing potential clients with the next best thing to being there. Here’s why brokerage video strategies make it easier to market a property:

Why Use Video?

Simply put, videos convey information seamlessly. A video is the easiest, most accessible way for people to get an idea of how a home’s rooms and other spaces connect. Videos can show the flow of the home and even the entire property.

Most clients expect real estate agents to use videos. Not only do they make it easier for a potential client to get to know an agent, videos could be the feature that prompts a client to choose one real estate agent over another.

Video prompt more action than photos. Videos encourage viewers to stay on a website longer and prompt them to reach out to agents more frequently when compared to plain text and other types of online marketing strategies alone.

Use video to make special features stand out

While a written description of a home’s features can provide a basis for a homeowner’s research, using video takes away any questions about their location within the home or property. Using videos is also a helpful way of putting room sizes into perspective.

Answer commonly asked questions for your audience

Most people go online when they need to solve a problem, seeking to learn more about a topic or answer a specific question. By using video, real estate agents can quickly convey the provide solutions to their problems in a way that’s easy to understand.

Videos are an indispensable component of any real estate broker marketing strategy. Using a variety of different ones in your brokerage video strategy helps fill the various needs addressed above.