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Why Your Brokerage Needs Community Videos

Amie Hall / August 30, 2017

Community videos are an excellent way to appeal to home buyers, investors, and even other real estate agents. Not only is a video format appealing and engaging, but it’s also supremely shareable — which means that it can have some substantial reach.

The best community videos are professionally produced, concise, and entertaining.

What Makes a Top Community Video?
A top community video highlights the most important and unique aspects of a community. Not only must it be professionally shot, but it also has to be able to convey its message as quickly and accessible as possible. Community videos will be fast-paced, friendly, and exciting.

They will also be visually interesting, showcasing the locations and features of the community that are most attractive and appealing so the viewer can imagine the lifestyle of the area and visualize living there.

Strong community videos will be exciting for fellow professionals to share, as they will garner interest quickly among their clientele.

Common Mistakes for a Community Video

Being too generic. Though it’s important to remain professional, a community video should still have some personality and charm — otherwise, it will be quickly forgettable. Trying to cut costs.

Though everyone has a phone, non-professionally shot videos appear to be amateurish and untrustworthy. A professional company is always preferred.

Not editing enough. A community video can’t be too long. A few minutes is usually all you need to create a sufficient overview.

Lengthy videos are often abandoned. Community videos provide excellent content for those within the real estate industry.

Not only do they provide value to clients, but they can also expand the reach of communities and real estate professionals, by being shared through other platforms.

As long as a community video is done right, a community can practically sell itself, allowing you to help your clients find just the right home for them.

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