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Top Social Media Video Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Amie Hall / November 20, 2017

Getting a top-notch home listing or “about me” video made is only one step in the process of becoming an influencer. A surefire way of positioning yourself as a local expert in your niche and generating more leads can be distilled down to one actionable phrase: get social. Here’s some keys to developing a social media video strategy that will help you generate more leads.

Go Local

Demonstrating your in-depth knowledge about a community as a real estate agent is possible only if there is hands-on involvement at the ground level.

This means engaging with the residents of the communities that you serve on a regular basis. When making a neighborhood highlights video, for example, take time to get to know the locals who are shopping and completing errands. Posting this professional-quality video to your social media accounts provides potential home buyers with an authentic view of the neighborhood and the people who live there.

Branch Out

The social media accounts of real estate agents that offer dynamic content are engaged more often than those that focus solely on listings. When you attend community events, it not only increases your brand exposure, it solidifies your reputation as someone who really cares about what happens to the residents, their homes, and their neighborhood.

Connecting with the key players within these communities is vital but so is forging bonds with those ordinary people who comprise most of their populations. Announcing these events and posting the videos on your social media accounts not only adds content and information that is valuable to your readers, it also brands you as an expert in the community.

Engage Your Viewers

As a real estate agent, you should plan to attend events such as school festivals, HOA meetings and Chamber of Commerce meetings on a regular basis.

Hosting events such as seminars geared toward home buyers and/or sellers or monthly Q&A happy hours at a local establishment provides valuable information to the community in a more casual atmosphere.

Having these appearances and events videotaped by a professional allows you to stream them live to your social media accounts as well as post them later for evergreen content.

The above are just a few ways that you, as a real estate agent, can make your presence known in the areas that you serve. Using video in these ways helps achieve your goal of proving that you are both a professional and an expert.

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