Video Marketing

Top Tools for Real Estate Video Marketing

Amie Hall / February 28, 2018

Video marketing can seem like a lot of work, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Mechanically, you can do a lot in terms of video with just a little help. There are many free and affordable tools available that can hepl you at every level, from initially storyboarding your videos to publishing and editing them.

Planning Out Your Real Estate Videos

Storyboards can be used to help you plan out your videos in the very early stages. Storyboarding is the process of setting up specific scenes. It may not be necessary for live video streams or simpler market updates, but it’s superb for more complex projects such as “about us” videos and community highlights.

With a solid storyboard, you can simply go down the list and complete each shot, streamlining the process of shooting and making sure you have accounted for everything before you begin your shoot. Of course, you can also go analog and make your storyboard on a whiteboard, or on index cards.

Producing Your Videos

If you’re serious about the quality of your videos, you’ll want a professional digital camera. But you may also want to hire a production crew, especially for “cornerstone” videos such as your “About Us” or employee bios.

Many videos can be shot with a smartphone, but either way, you’ll need some form of stabilizer or tripod. Stabilizers will make sure your shots are clean and not shaky (though there are apps that can also stabilize already shot videos).

You will also need some tools for video editing. Videoshop, Animoto, and Magisto are all smartphone apps that can be used to easily cut and reorganize video in post, so you don’t have to reshoot entire videos just because of a single botched scene.

Promoting Your Videos

Once your videos have been created, how do you promote them? You can use a content platform such as Buffer or VScreen. These platforms include content, branding, and distribution tools, so you can send your video to multiple platforms with ease.

Once you have a process, your content pipeline — planning, creating, editing, and publishing videos — will operate very quickly. Though it can seem complicated, you can streamline your marketing over time to quickly deliver new video content.