Video Marketing

How to Use Local Business Review Videos to Promote Your Real Estate Business

Amie Hall / March 26, 2018

Are you trying to find new content for your video marketing campaign? Why not highlight some of your favorite local businesses? When you visit certain communities, there might be a coffee shop that you always stop by. There may be some restaurants you absolutely love… or a cleaning service that you always find yourself recommending.

Promote Yourself by Promoting Others

Sometimes video marketing content can feel a little too self-promotional. Your clients don’t want to just hear about you and your services, they also want to hear about local events and community amenities. Rather than promoting yourself, you can take some time to promote others — by featuring local businesses.

Featuring a local business shows that you know a lot about the surrounding community. It establishes that you’re knowledgeable and that you’ve built local relationships. And it encourages local business owners to promote you as well.

Give Your Audience the Information They Need

Not every person following you is ready to commit. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t valuable. Prospective clients might follow you for a year before they decide they’re ready to purchase a property or sell their current home. You want them to continue following you during that time, so you’re the one they contact when they’re finally ready.

You can do this by providing valuable information. Followers want to know more about their local marketplace, local services, and local amenities — even if they don’t necessarily want to learn about real estate yet. Creating local business reviews encourages them to follow and to share.

Next time you’re trying to figure out your next video, consider contacting the owner of a business close to you. They may have some additional ideas about your spot.