How to Use, Video Marketing

How to Boost Engagement for Interactive Content using Video

Amie Hall / December 6, 2017

Building a brand requires a lot of work… and a lot of engagement. In a competitive industry like real estate, engagement is incredibly important as well as challenging.

One tried-and-true method is to produce interactive content — content that users will interact with. But how can you make interactive content even more engaging? With the inclusion of video, of course.

Create an Introductory Video

Before you begin a poll, survey, or contest — or introduce an important item of content — you may want to create a brief introductory video. These types of video don’t just prime an audience for your interactive content, but also build brand recognition and authority.

Customers will be able to relate more to real estate agents one-on-one the more they see them in content.

Integrating Video With Interactive Content

Polls. Add videos as different options for your polls. Keep them short and sweet; the goal is to be memorable without making the poll lengthy or inconvenient.

Surveys. Whether surveying regarding favorite neighborhoods or times of homes, surveys can increase their engagement with some short, simple videos representing each option.

Infographics. Explainer videos are an excellent addition to infographics, as they can highlight points that the infographic is making and expound on data sets.

Contests. On the other end of the spectrum, consider asking visitors to create their own videos, regarding real estate, homes, or even home design.

Don’t Forget the Exit Video

Once an event is over, create a follow-up video to share the results. This is an entertaining and informative way to get more value out of your content and to discuss with current and potential customers what the results might mean.

Interactive content is extremely engaging, so when paired with an engaging form of media such as videos it’s even more effective. By experimenting with different types of interactive content, you can increase website traffic, boost your leads and establish more authority in the real estate market.