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Video Dissemination 101

Amie Hall / October 23, 2017

Once you’ve created the perfect marketing videos, where will they be distributed? Distributing your videos properly is as important as producing them properly — and it isn’t always easy. You’ll need a full marketing strategy integrated with your video campaign if you’re going to reach potential clients. Here’s everything you need to know about video dissemination.

On your blog or website.

As a real estate agent, you likely have a professional site which offers real estate listings and related information. Videos such as home tours can be attached to real estate listings — while general real estate information can be attached to general purpose blog posts and other related content. In general, your blog or website is the best place to put listing-related and community-related videos.

On a third-party platform.

YouTube and Facebook are examples of platforms that make it easy for you to post your videos and share them with those who may be interested in your topics. A third-party platform is the best place to put general information, such as information for first-time home buyers, real estate investors, and sellers.

On social media accounts.

In addition to being able to post it to a video platform, you can also share your videos on social media such as Twitter. These different video platforms, blogs, and websites as you cannot upload videos to them, but you can share them with your followers.

How Should You Distribute Your Videos?

Establishing a content pipeline is the first step towards a successful video dissemination strategy. A video content pipeline may look like the following:

Upload the content to YouTube for hosting and further distribution. Uploading content to platforms such as YouTube or Facebook ensures that the content will always be available and shareable and that your own hosting service will not be over-burdened.

Link to the content on your blog or website. Content uploaded to a media platform can be easily shared as though it was posted directly to a website. This ensures that your private audience will see it.

Share the content on your social media accounts. You can then link your blog or website from your social media accounts, thereby further distributing content to your followers.

By utilizing the above content pipeline, you can distribute the same video content easily to the widest possible audience, using all tools at your disposal. As a realtor or brokerage, the farther your reach extends, the better.