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The Reel Rebel / March 20, 2013
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Telling your story on youtube is the backbone of creating killer video content.  Story telling has been the best vehicle for relaying messages and passing along information since the beginning of time.  With all of the new tools and online platforms it can feel overwhelming for content creators looking to build their audience and brand.  However, sticking to telling your story in a way that is entertaining, engaging, inspirational, and thought provoking is a great place to stay grounded.

How You Can Create Killer Video Content Like This For Your Business!


Online content is becoming over abundant and is turning many social network feeds into a content wasteland.  The problem many businesses are experiencing today is not that they lack content but that they lack killer content!  We define killer content as a digital asset (such as an image, video, pdf, web page, article, email, social network channel, etc.) that engages, inspires, entertains, and relates to its viewers. Killer content can make any topic seem amazing because of the way that it is presented to its viewer (like the dollar shave video).  So how can you create killer content on a topic that appears to be over done?  The answer is within your personal story.  Out of all of the people in the world there is no one who is exactly like you in every way.  If you are reading this article, you obviously are passionate about something specific and want to start creating killer content for your business.  Here are some tips for incorporating your story into creating your video content strategy.

  1. Be True To You:  Being true to yourself and being the person you are is the most important part of creating killer content.  If you are trying to be someone you are not when you are on camera it will be very easily noticeable to your audience.  If you are naturally shy or naturally loud, it will work to your advantage because you will come across as genuine. The biggest take away of being true to yourself is that your audience will see you as a genuine person and not a fake.  If the video content you are trying to create feels forced you may want to double think your strategy.      
  2. Show Your True Passion:  Passion is everything.  Someone who is passionate about anything can make a dull topic exciting.  Reflect on your life story and find where your true passion is.  You may be an expert real estate agent but your true passion is golf.  In fact, you may know so much about golf that you can probably think of 50 cool videos about golf that you would like to make.  With every passion there is a group of people with a similar passion.  This type of approach to video content strategy will help you reach outside of the box you normally use to generate business.  So make sure you are creating a video content strategy around something you are truly passionate about or you will be wasting your time.
  3. Choose The Right Platform:  The fact is, not everyone is designed to be in front of a camera.  In fact, you may have a lot more success in sharing your true passion in the form of a blog page, Instagram account, webinar, or podcast.  By knowing what form of communication is the most comfortable for you to use, it will help you choose what platform would be best for you to grow your audience.
  4. If You Can’t Do It Yourself, Hire An Expert:  Creating killer content is awesome and can yield great results for your business.  The sad truth, however is that as entrepreneurs we have to wear many hats and finding time to implement video strategy can be time consuming.  That’s why finding a great agency to help you develop great video content may be the best move you can make.  In the real estate industry there is a new product called  Market Videos, that allows real estate agents and brokers to incorporate killer video content in their marketing without  them having to create the videos.  There are many resources out there different industries and a quick google search will reveal much.  

Telling Your Story With A Youtube Trailer

YouTube just made a major update in design to their channels.  Not only is there a new interactive style design, but there is also a placeholder for you to upload a “youtube trailer“.  This is by far one of the best features this new design has to offer because it allows you to put up a brief video for viewers who have not subscribed to your channel to get an overview about you and your channel.  In other words, a place to tell your story.  Here are some simple guidelines for creating a YouTube trailer for your channel.


Here is an example of a good youtube channel trailer:



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