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Video Metrics that Impact Your Real Estate Marketing

Amie Hall / March 13, 2017

Creating engaging video content that people not only press play but also interact with is the top goal of every real estate marketing professional. Whether you’re creating videos for your listings or introducing buyers to the local market, you want prospective clients watch, share, comment, and contact you to learn more. When it comes to understanding how well your video content is performing there are several metrics worth paying attention to.


Video views are really only useful in the context of understanding how many times your video content is being exposed to viewers. Video views as a lone metric doesn’t give you a clear view of the full picture of how people interact with and use your video content

Understand your average watch rate can help you clarify your video marketing message.
Watch length, also known as dwell time, is one of the foundational video marketing metrics because it helps you gain a better understanding of your videos’ ability to capture and hold the attention of your audience.

Keeping in mind that viewers are objective in their search process. They are looking for specific information that your video content must provide. When your video watch rate is low, it’s usually an indication that viewers have decided your video as unable to provide them with the information they need. Videos with high average watch rates are on par with the information viewers are looking for.

To improve poor watch rates the first thing you may want try is making sure your video content is consistent with and related to the other content on your page or website. This is important because it will ensure the relevancy of your video content in relation to the audiences’ search for the content.

If you’re seeing dwell times of six seconds or less try improving your content by grabbing the viewer’s attention early on by using more relevant keywords as you “breadcrumb” your viewer into the fuller parts of your videos’ message.

Make your content engaging and concise in order to keep the viewer glued to your video, instead of clicking out. Remember, in most cases, two minutes is about the maximum length you want to go. Also, remember the importance of branding in all of your content, so the viewer remembers you, and views you as an authoritative source of help.

The importance of high watch rates was established in a recent survey by TubeMogul, an online video advertising network. It found that more people remember online video content when they watch the whole thing.

Getting people to do more than just watch your video.
While its good that viewers stick around for most or all of your video marketing content, it’s even more important that they take action.

Shares are a very good indication that the viewer found your video content valuable. When viewers comment on your videos they’re opening the floor to conversation and providing your with the opportunity to learn more about what matters to them.

Keeping track of the share and comments of your video content can help you discover connections between what type of content your viewers benefit from the most and how you can tailor your video marketing content.

Your chances of making a lasting impression…and winning new clients…improve as you continually measure your video marketing content’s effectiveness through dwell time, completed views and interactions.