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What Goes Into a Winning Listing Video: Part 2

Amie Hall / December 3, 2016

It’s estimated that up to 75 percent of all internet traffic will be video content by 2017. So…subtle hint here…well-produced video presentations of your listings could be worth their weight in gold. If you could weigh a video. So with all the competition to get your buyers attention, how can you make your listing video stand out?

Be sure you’re selling the features of the home.

If it’s a lake property, an outside view of the lakefront and the scene from the deck overlooking the water will help convey the advantages of the location. Drone video can be especially effective in showing off the outside space, giving the viewer a quick birds eye view of the property.

Keep your intended audience in mind in your listing videos.
If you specialize in luxury properties, show off aspects of the home they’ll want to see. How much space is there for entertaining? What are some of the home’s security features? How much garage space is there? These are some of the things your video can show off.

Once you’ve created your listing video masterpiece, it’s time to share it with the world! Or, at least, make sure it gets maximum exposure to your target audience. If you’ve played your cards right, your listing video will get a good number of views from homebuyers who have already seen your market video. Make sure your listing videos are available through your broker’s website, as well. It may be one of several the buyer watches, if the title and brief description catch their attention.

Go where the eyeballs are.
For video, Youtube is still the reigning champion for video views. Your videos should be there. Facebook is another important platform. Be sure to encourage your friends to share it, especially with those they know are looking for this kind of property. There are a number of other websites available to share listings, as well. You can’t share your listing video too much, but start with the venues that provide the most viewers.

Ultimately, you want to engage with your viewers. Be sure to provide clickable links, so an interested buyer has easy access to you. Make it easy for others to share your video. The more it’s viewed, the sooner you’ll have another sale!