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What Makes a Good Video?

Amie Hall / August 3, 2017

Even for the leading real estate firms and the best production companies, the creation of effective real estate videos is extremely difficult. At VScreen, we simplify the process by focusing on dynamism and applicability as two essential components of any successful video.

Before beginning any real estate video project, the first thing to consider is your audience. In short, different demographic groups will inevitably respond to different videos. For example, videos of agencies and agents who are attempting to sell luxury properties must think about tailoring their messages to appeal to high-net-worth clients.

The dynamic nature of a good real estate video should allow it to impart important information while simultaneously making one or more strong emotional appeals. A good Listing Video, for example, should provide essential facts about each property while simultaneously making viewers imagine themselves living in each featured home.

A good video should also serve as a branding tool for the real estate firm, agent, and/or broker who produced it. If a video doesn’t provide a full picture of who’s behind the real estate information at hand, it will never lead to sale. In our modern audio-visual culture, attention spans are short and seeing is believing.

Without employing dynamic and applicable video as part of a comprehensive digital marketing and customer service campaign, the average real estate agent or firm tends to get lost in the shuffle.

Wow your existing and prospective clients with a powerful and targeted video and watch the sales come rolling in!